Emil and the Detectives – Finished cover

My entry for the penguin award competition was finally sent off last night. So many changes were to get to this point I am excited to see how it does. But if nothing happens then I am just happy iwth this. This was completed on a cintiq tablet using traditional brushes. The bottom spread is also my version without the crop marks.



Promotional Toads – Brokentoad

Digital paintings for Broken Toad each promoting a different product he offers miniature painting hobbyists. This ranges from brushes, pigments, brush soap (there are two images for this, the version that is a white soap tub is the official one for Brokentoad, I have included the other version as I think this came out well too.)

all toadsfirst toad finishedhan solo toad finishedjousting toadnew soap toad finishedpainting toadsoap toad finishedwe want you toad